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Our Story


U-Visit is a team of 5 high school seniors who just recently finished the college admission process. Through our experience, we found out how hard it really was to pick a school that is truly right for you. We all struggled to connect with current students at each school to answer our questions. 


That is why we came up with the concept of our new website called U-Visit. U-Visit allows high school students to connect with college students allowing them a direct conversation with college students before coming to campus for a visit.


By connecting an existing student with prospective new students we believe we are giving the new students the access and information to make a decision about the next four years of their lives. As one student stated, he was in between two schools and wanted to compare each curriculum, student to staff relationship and the class size to what he experiences now in his high school; unfortunately, the only information he could find online was the class size. In a simulated experiment, U-Visit connected him to a student at each school who went to a private school similar to his own in his home state. After talking to each student it became clear to him which school to pick! This is when we realized the real impact U-Visit could have on students. 

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